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Adult Staff of 117 Preston/Westphal

Commanding Officer
Deputy Commanding Officer
Training Officer
Music Instructor
Assistant Technical Services Officer
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Assistant Training Officer

Commanding Officer:

Captain Nicholas Hargreaves, a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia was an active air cadet during his youth. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces as a Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer in 2009 at 342 Bedford Lions Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. Capt Hargreaves served at 342 RCACS as training staff from 2009 to 2015 and at 117 Preston/Westphal Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps from 2015 to present.  Each summer Capt Hargreaves serves at the Greenwood Cadet Training Centre (GCTC).

During the summers of 2009 and 2010 Capt Hargreaves was appointed as an Assistant Flight Commander for the Survival Instructors Course at GCTC.  Also, in 2009 He was appointed as the Level One Officer at 342 RCACS and served in that role for two years. In 2011 Capt Hargreaves was promoted to Flight Commander for the Survival Instructors Course at GCTC and served in that role for two summers.  From 2011 to 2012 Capt Hargreaves also served as an Assistant Training Officer at 342 RCACS. In 2013 Capt Hargreaves was promoted to his current rank was appointed as GCTC’s Scheduler, he stayed in this role for three summers.  From 2012 to 2015 he served as the Training Officer at 342 RCACS.


In 2015 Capt Hargreaves transferred from 342 RCACS to 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC and served as the Administration Officer.  Also, in 2015 Capt Hargreaves was charged with directing a training standards revitalization project as the Course Officer for the Survival Instructor’s Course, he filled this role for two summers. From 2016 to 2017 Capt Hargreaves served as 117 RCACC’s Training Officer.  During the summers of 2018 and 2019 he was also appointed as GCTC’s Standards Officer. In 2018 Capt Hargreaves was promoted to DCO at 117 RCACC.


Capt Hargreaves has been awarded two Head of Department Awards, two Commanding Officer’s Commendations, and the Formation Commanders Coin for his service at GCTC.  He holds a bachelor’s of arts with a major in criminology from Saint Mary’s University and a Bachelor’s of Education from Mount Saint Vincent University.

Deputy Commanding Officer/ Technical Services Officer:

Captain Danielle Hargreaves was the first female and first Mi’kmaq Commanding Officer of 117 Preston/Westphal from 03 June 2015 until 02 October 2019. She received her Masters in History from Brock University in 2014 and her Bachelor of Arts with Honors in History from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2012. Her honors thesis “Moving Mountains: The No. 2 Construction Battalion and African Canadian Experience During the First World War” traced the wartime experience of Canada’s Black Battalion from the formation of the battalion through to their overseas service and post-war disbandment. Her Masters research turned her sights towards the study of Black identity in WWI and the war’s impact on employment opportunities for Black Canadians. Capt Hargreaves speaks annually at symposiums and academic conferences across Canada on topics of identity, segregation, racism, and human rights.

Captain Hargreaves was an Army Cadet from 2003 to 2007 until she joined the Cadet Instructors Cadre in 2008. As a cadet, Captain Hargreaves was actively involved in both the cadet and civilian biathlon programs, the marksmanship program, and the orienteering program as a competitor, having participated at the Zone and Provincial levels on multiple occasions. She has continued to work with the biathlon nd marksmanship program as both a coach and an official. Captain Hargreaves has also had the opportunity to work as an expedition team leader on many gold and silver star expedition weekends. She has filled a number of different positions including Platoon Commander for the General Training and Basic Cadet Leadership courses, as well as Course Director for the Basic Marksman and the Fitness and Sports Instructor courses at Argonaut CTC. Captain Hargreaves has served with three cadet units in Nova Scotia and Ontario during her CIC career: 2741 Eastern Shore RCACC as an instructor, marksmanship coach, Supply Officer, and Training Officer; 68 Lincoln and Welland Regiment RCACC where she was recognized for rescuing a cadet in anaphylactic shock after exposure to an allergen; and 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC as Training Officer, marksmanship coach, Administration Officer, and Commanding Officer. For her service as CO of 117 RCACC, Captain Hargreaves received the Commander National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group Commendation in 2019. In her civilian life, Captain Hargreaves works full time with the Victorian Order of Nurses and is an active runner who races annually with Epic Canadian and Sole Sisters Women’s Race series.

​Training Officer:

Captain Joseph Mesh joined us in the 2016-2017 training year as our supply officer. Captain Mesh has  completed the Cold Weather Leader course in Quebec and has also completed IOTC, UCCMA, Biathlon Coaching Course level 1, Marksmanship Official’s course, SIC, and he holds a Bachelor of Music Degree. He previously served as a volunteer senior instructor and music instructor at 305 RCSCC Sackville. He was a cadet from 2001 to 2007 with 1916 Beaumont Hamell RCACC in Grand Falls-Windsor and he enrolled as an officer of the CIC in 2009 with 2415 Gonzaga RCACC in St. Johns.

Music Instructor

​Second Lieutenant Jessica White joined 117 at the beginning of the 2016-2017 training year as a level officer, leadership, and music instructor. She joined cadets at 3037 Miramichi RCACC in 2008 and was sworn in as an officer in the CIC with 20 Stratford RCACC in October 2014. Second Lieutenant White worked with 20 Stratford until the spring of 2016; during that time, she worked with the NB/ PEI music program and taught band seminars as well as the PEI service band. She then returned to 3037 Miramichi where she volunteered until she joined 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC. At 117 she has reformed our wonderful cadet band and instructs music.

Assistant Technical Services Officer

Lieutenant Elizabeth Connors joined 117 during the 2020-2021 training year as the assistant technical services officer. She first became involved in the cadet program as an air cadet at 29 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Sydney, Nova Scotia. She then went on to volunteer as a civilian instructor with 529 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Spryfield from 2013 to 2015 before joining the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) as an air officer in 2015. Lt Connors spent two summers as adult staff in the aviation department at the Greenwood Cadet Training Centre (CTC).

After moving to Alberta in 2015, Lt Connors joined the staff of 2296 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and quickly became interested in the expedition aspect of the army cadet program and therefore transferred into the army element of the CIC. Since then, Lt Connors has completed the flat water canoe instructor course, mountain bike instructor course, and the expedition team leader course. She has also spent two summers at the Rocky Mountain CTC as an assistant platoon commander with the Leadership and Challenge Course and one summer as a platoon commander at the Whitehorse CTC with the Expedition Instructor course. Lt Connors has also had the opportunity to work as an expedition team leader on many gold and silver star expedition weekends both in Nova Scotia and Alberta, as an expedition team leader on the Yukon Paddle Regional Expedition, and to staff the cadet contingent on the Maple Resolve exercise.

As a cadet, Lt Connors was actively involved in both the cadet and civilian biathlon programs as a competitor. She has continued to work with the biathlon program as both a coach and an official at the zone and provincial levels. Lt Connors has also coached cadets in marksmanship at the zone level and has completed the air rifle range safety officer (RSO) course.

Since returning to Nova Scotia, Lt Connors has been focused on completing her Master of Science in Physiotherapy degree at Dalhousie University, which she completed in 2020. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. In her civilian job, she is employed as a physiotherapist.

Assistant Training Officer

Lieutenant Breanna Hargreaves joined 117 during the 2020-2021 training year as the assistant training officer. She has been an Air CIC officer for 7 years and was an air cadet at 342 Bedford Lions prior to that. Lt Hargreaves' focus throughout the program has been with aircrew survival, music, and leadership. Her passion in cadets is inspiring youth to be the best versions of themselves. Outside of cadets she is a medical student at Dalhousie university where she studies paediatric medicine. She is passionate about medical research and hopes to one day contribute to exciting medical developments. Lt Hargreaves' hobbies include dance, drawing, music, archery, and spending time with friends, family, and of course, her cat and dogs.


OCdt Nathalie Roy joined 117 Preston/Westphal Army Cadet Corps in the winter of the 2020-2021 training year as a volunteer. Her initial cadet experience was as a Director of the 706 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee from 2016-2018. The following year she became a Civilian Instructor. She was sworn in as an officer cadet in March 2019. As 706 squadron staff, in Ottawa Ontario, she was a level officer, supporting squadron teams at regional and provincial competitions. OCdt Roy spent a month as an adult staff with the survival operations centre at the Bagotville Cadet Training Centre (CTC) in the summer of 2019.


OCdt Roy is a teacher, having completed her BA and BEd at the University of British Columbia. She supports the cadet program and is eager to learn and lend a hand. She has completed the air rifle range safety officer (RSO) course and looks forward to more training when training resumes. 

Transfering to Nova Scotia in the fall of 2020, OCdt Roy appreciates east coast living. She is an avid skier, runner, cyclist, hiker, foodie and sup enthusiast. She looks forward to her summer surfing lessons and many more adventures in the future.


Corporal Alexander Larade enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Primary Reserve as an Infantry Soldier with the Princess Louise Fusiliers (PLF) on the third of October 2013, after 4 years in the Army Cadet program between 2501 and 2841 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.

During his time with the Army Cadet program, Cpl Larade completed Basic Expedition, Expedition instructor, and the regional expedition Coastal Explorer. Cpl Larade's experience with the Army Cadet program, especially expedition training, was a huge positive influence  in making the decision to join the CAF.

During his time with the PLF, Cpl Larade also served full time postings with various other units such as 5th Canadian Division training centre as an instructor on Developmental Phase 1 Infantry and the Infantry School as a storesman, both of which were in Canadian Forces Base Gagetown. Cpl Larade also completed his Primary Leadership Qualification (Infantry) during this time, as well as qualifying as a small arms coach with pistol, and rifle marksmanship.

In October 2017, Cpl Larade volunteered for a full time reserve posting, and a move accross to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt to serve with the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Centre (CAF TC) in CFB Esquimalt to assist member with transition out of the military. It was during this time that Cpl Larade also participated in various multinational exercises in the United States of America with 5th Field Artillery in Victoria BC, acting as a combat storesman and providing administrative support.

From October 2017 - January 2019, Cpl Larade served with CAF TC Esquimalt while proudly wearing the hat badge of the PLF, until accepting an offer to transfer the Regular Force, changed occupations to Human Resource Administrator, and once again moved accross the country back to his hometown of Halifax, NS.

In addition to volunteer service with 117 RCACC, Cpl Larade now serves with Base Administration in CFB Halifax as a release administrator, once again assisting members with their transition out of the military.

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