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About the Cadet Program

Cadets is...
  • Completely FREE​

  • A unique program for youth that provides a variety of experiences you will not find anywhere else

  • A chance to challenge yourself to try new things

  • A chance to grow confidence and develop leadership skills

  • Designed to be physically and mentally challenging

  • A chance to make lifetime friendships

  • A chance to travel Canada and beyond

  • Free of artificial barriers that would prevent participation based on gender, race, culture, religion, education, or ability.


Map and compass_edited.jpg
Our Cadets have...
  • Parachuted out of airplanes

  • Traveled to England, Scotland, and Wales

  • Traveled to Ottawa as Nova Scotia's representative on the Cadet Advisory Council

  • Kayacked along the Nova Scotia coastline

  • Visited Gros Morne National Park

  • Explored caves outside Corner Brook, NL

  • Canoed in Porters Lake and at Macdonald Beach

  • Hiked the beautiful Cape Split

  • Zip-lined and climbed high ropes

  • Snowshoed in rural Newfoundland

  • Built and then slept in improvised shelters mid-winter

  • Become community leaders

  • Participated in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Why be an Army Cadet?

The Army Cadet Program focuses on physical activity and the outdoors, but you'll find there's something for everyone here!​

  • Navigation with map, compass, and GPS

  • Marksmanship

  • Biathlon

  • Orienteering

  • Geocaching

  • Canoe/Kayaking

  • Hiking

  • Caving

  • High ropes climbing

  • White water rafting

  • Survival

  • Mountain biking

  • Rock Climbing

  • First Aid

About Us


​Commanding Officer: Captain Joseph Mesh, CD

Training Officer: Lieutenant Luc Boudreau

Administration Officer: Lieutenant Jessica White

Supply Officer: Civilian Instructor Tanamya Brooks

Instructor: Captain Danielle Hargreaves, CD

Volunteer Instructors:

Civilian Volunteer: Ms. Kiersten Kerr

Civilian Volunteer: Mr. Aidyn Naugler


117 Preston / Westphal Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps is affiliated with and often observes the training of the Princess Louise Fusiliers. Our corps was formed by Captain Mark Johnson, CD on January 15 1996 to provide positive opportunities for youth in the Preston, Westphal, and Lake Echo communities.  Captain Johnson was an Army Cadet from 1958 to 1961 until he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1962.  Captain Johnson served his country in uniform for over 40 years.

117 Preston / Westphal RCACC is currently commanded by Captain Joseph Mesh, who assumed command from Captain Nicholas Hargreaves in October 2022. Captain Hargreaves assumed command from our first female and first Mi'kmaq Commanding Officer, Captain Danielle Hargreaves in 2019. Captain Danielle Hargreaves assumed command after the retirement of Captain Paul Todd in 2016. Learn more about the Commanding officer and his team in our "Staff Bios" section.

Our Unit’s Military Affiliation

Each army cadet corps has an affiliated unit. The affiliated unit has specific responsibilities to a cadet corps. The 117 Preston/Westphal Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps is affiliated with the Princess Louise Fusiliers, a reserve unit based out of the Halifax Armouries. 

Because of this affiliation, cadets of our Corps are allowed to wear shoulder flashes, and cap brass as well as buttons, and (if earned) the hackle belonging to our affiliated unit.

Our Unit’s Official Sponsoring Body

When the cadet corps was first formed, two organizations decided to sponsor us: the IODE Annie Johnson Chapter and The Royal Canadian Legion Centennial Branch 160. In the role of sponsor, the Royal Canadian Legion made available training facilities at the Legion.  Over the past years, they have been essential in providing annual financial assistance, an area for weekend optional training, and property for our Cadet Corps storage building. We truly could not do what we do without them.

Our Legacy

Over the 25 years of our existence, 117 RCACC has had its successes and struggles, but the interest and dedication of the cadets have never been in question.  Since our founding, thousands of youth of the Preston, Westphal, Cole Harbour, and Lake Echo areas have received training in a program that develops strong and responsible young citizens. 

Our cadets are known as some of the best cadets in the province, being competitive in provincial activities such as marksmanship, biathlon, and orienteering along with continued success in Inter-corps competition, consistently having top cadets in the Senior Cadet training programs and time and time again having cadets excel in our National Summer Training programs. 

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