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117 Preston/Westphal Training Department

Welcome to the 117 Preston/Westphal Training Department. Cadet Training is uniform across the country; every Corps undergoes regular auditing to ensure high standards are set and maintained.  Cadets are divided into levels, according to their age and joining date. For example, first-year Cadets are considered Green Star Cadets if they are between the age of 12 and 14. Regular Training is completed every parade night (Wednesdays) over three periods of instruction.  

Summer Training is conducted during the summer months; July-August. Cadet training courses can vary from two, three, six, and seven-week courses. Instructors are all qualified senior-level Cadets, Civilians, and Officers. Instructors also undergo regular evaluations by the Training and Standards Officers to ensure standards are maintained. 

Regular Training
Marksmanship Program
Promotions and Awards
Summer Training
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