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Civilian Instructor

Mr. Aidyn Naugler

Aidyn Naugler Joined 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC as a Cadet in September 2016. He was a cadet for six years and participated in the drill team, marksmanship team, and the corps band. He was awarded the Army Cadet Service Medal and the Lord Strathcona Medal during this time.

Mr. Naugler completed the General Training, Basic Marksmanship, and Full Bore Marksmanship summer training courses. He also completed the regional expedition on Mt. Carleton in New Brunswick. In his final summer as a cadet, Mr. Naugler was teaching Coaching virtually at CTC Argonaut. One of Mr. Naugler’s favorite activities as a younger cadet was the range nights. He also played Snare Drum and Tenor Sax for the corps band.

Presently, Mr. Naugler serves as a Civilian Instructor while his application to the Canadian Forces Reserve - Cadet Instructors Cadre processes. He is also a student at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, where he studies Linguistics. His main focus of study is Mandarin Chinese, alongside some other languages. Outside of Cadets, Mr. Naugler works at Leon’s.

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