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Administration Officer

Lieutenant Jessica White

Lieutenant Jessica White joined 117 at the beginning of the 2016-2017 training year as a level officer, leadership, and music instructor. She has since filled multiple positions including Supply Officer and Administration (admin) Officer.

Lieutenant Whitee joined cadets at 3037 Miramichi RCACC in 2008 and was sworn in as an officer in the CIC with 20 Stratford RCACC in October 2014. Lieutenant White worked with 20 Stratford until the spring of 2016; during that time, she worked with the NB/ PEI music program and taught band seminars as well as the PEI service band. She then returned to 3037 Miramichi where she volunteered until she joined 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC.


At 117 she has reformed our wonderful cadet band and instructs music while also fulfilling the busy role of adminO. In her duties, Lieutenant White helps enroll new cadets into the program, manages our databases and files, applies cadets for Summer Training, and so much more.

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