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The Army Cadet program recognizes and rewards the service of youth in many ways. 

At the local headquarters level, the yearly accomplishments of our cadets are recognized through trophies awarded at the end of the training year at our Annual Ceremonial Review. Cadets may also apply for and be recognized for their hard work and dedication with one of the Medals of Merit shown below.

Army Cadet Service Medal

The Army Cadet League of Canada has created an award that recognizes the continuous meritorious cadet service of at least four years by deserving army cadets. To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer. Furthermore, eligible service is transferable between army cadet corps. Army Cadets are also eligible to receive a bar for the Army Cadet Service Medal for each year of service completed beyond the four-year qualifying period.

Cadet Award for Bravery

The Cadet Award for Bravery may be awarded to a cadet who performs an outstanding deed of valour involving risk of life in attempting to save the life or property of others.

Major-General W.A. Howard Award

The Major-General W.A. Howard Award recognizes cadets who complete Gold Star training with exceptional results and who demonstrate significant dedication and leadership qualities.

Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded in recognition for individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement.

Lord Strathcona Medal

The Lord Strathcona Medal is one of the highest awards which can be bestowed upon a cadet.  It is awarded annually to cadets to recognize exemplary performance in physical training as well as their service, performance, example and excellence as a cadet.


The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada (ANAVETS), as a legacy to its desire to promote excellence and awareness of the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO), has established the ANAVETS Cadet Medal of Merit). One medal will be awarded to the top cadet, male or female for each summer training course at each Cadet Training Centre even if the cadet has already received the ANAVETS Cadet Medal of Merit for another course.

Order of St. George Medal

The Order of St. George honours Staff Cadets who distinguish themselves in their exemplary contribution at a CTC during the summer training period. To be eligible for consideration, a cadet must meet all requirements of the CTC summer training program, be regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet, be a member in good standing of one of the three cadet organizations, have demonstrated outstanding leadership and compassion for subordinates. Was able, through different leadership techniques to motivate subordinates to do what was required. The individual must also have completed three years as a cadet, participated in community service events that the CTC promotes during the summer, demonstrated leadership qualities, and demonstrated instructional abilities.

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